Nihsini 773

Limited Edition

Tomas Cano



Tomas Cano

He was born in Nuevitas, a small fishing village in the north of Cuba in 1981.
At the age of 15 he moved to Havana to study theater at the National School of Arts. After working as a performer for 8 years in different companies, he began to experiment with visual arts and film.
He lives in Mexico City since 2011, where he develops projects and collaborations with other artists and different production companies.

In photography he likes to experiment with the documentary dynamics and the sensuality of fine art.

“His images pursue that strange veracity that hides behind the common. Trying to transcend documentary and brush up on the poetic, where reality is confused with the conceptual”.
Luis Ramagio.

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EducationNational School of Arts, Havana, Cuba.
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