Human journey road

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Human journey road

On the work, my creation was strongly inspired by the following poem.
“ Time is traveler forever, and human being is also traveler forever. “
It originates from “The Narrow Road to the Deep North 奥の細道” by Basho 芭蕉.
Also, I was fascinated with the symphony from light and long shadow, bringing the street into a spectacle like shadowgraph.
I thought as if it would be showing just a page of each history symbolized by the shadowgraph.
At the same time, I also imagined a worldview of the poem by Basho 芭蕉.
So, for imaging the worldview, I tried to create the images like an Indian-ink drawing by shading into black and white.
And, I aimed to create the world of “Human journey is endless”.
The street means “time road” that people continue pursuing their dreams, and repeat forever, and the shadowgraph shows just a page of each history marked by light and time.
Finally, the fossil will show a world of “ Human journey road is endless”.
In addition, I love the following words by Basho.
"The months and days are the wayfarers of a hundred generations, and the years that come and go are also travelers. Those who float all their lives on boats or reach their old age leading a horse by the bit make travel out of each day and inhabit travel." (Translated By Donald Keene)

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EducationIn 1971, I graduated the law at the university. In 2016, I graduated Graduate Diploma in Photography.
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Street,  Black & White

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