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In 1948, I was born in Aichi prefecture (Toyota City), Japan.
From my childhood until high school I had loved playing baseball. And, I loved also drawing.
My first meeting with camera was at 12 years old.
It was a "Fuji Pet" what was presented to me in celebration of birthday by my father.
And until now I have trodden windingly on a long film road with camera as an amateur.
In 1971, after I studied the law at the university, I got a job in Nagoya City Government.
At my young age, I had experience of developing about black and white for a short period.
From the time I have been fascinated by photography.
During that time I won a few prize.
Then, I had experience of job for protecting cultural treasure building or for exhibition.
In 2008, I won on a prize as the landscape photography grand prize of the magazine “Sarai”.
By the prize my passion to photography revived.
In 2012, after I retired my Job, I studied abroad in Perth. And I relearnt photography, starting with the foundation.
In 2016, won AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards 2016- Silver Award-.
And I graduated Graduate Diploma in Photography at TEFE in Perth.
And now I embark on a professional, living with my wife and daughter in Perth.

My philosophy on photography
My subjects cover a wide range of topics. They are all of events and existences surrounding myself.
Also they are everything I am fascinated with strong impression.
My expression with photography is free from one style, with many eyes, but basically it is marking my impression by light and time.
Until now, I have been influenced by impressionism, Japanese Sumie 墨絵, and Haiku 俳句
Also, as photographer I love Moriyama Daido 森山大道, Irie Taikichi 入江泰吉, else.  
My style is a kind of Impressionism.
I believe photography bases on the following essences.
One means Photography is truth or reality.
It is clearly shown by 写真-the word that photography is translated into Japanese. Because 写真-shashin means recording truth.
On the other hand, also it is the fact that truth or reality is not only one. Because it is different from each eyes in each mind or the way of expression.
Another means “Photography is a fossil marked by light and time.”
The phrase originates from Moriyama Daido 森山大道.
Each image shows a page of history, and also shows the scenery in mind’s eyes of photographer.
In short, it means history.
Moreover, photograph is created by photographer’s emotion.
I love the following phrase by Shinoda Toukou 篠田桃紅- a calligrapher, artist of 104 age,
“My mind creates my image, my mind creates my road.”

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EducationIn 1971, I graduated the law at the university. In 2016, I graduated Graduate Diploma in Photography.
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