Alina. Series of photos “Remove clothes”

Limited Edition

Tatiana Kulova



Alina. Series of photos “Remove clothes”

People in modern photos are completely impersonal and insignificant. They are just elements of the surrounding reality.
In the series we wanted to show that each person is unique and beautiful in its own way,
no matter what he wears.
What is clothes for us: a way to express ourselfs, or, alternatively, the mean for suppression of individualization?
How does a person feel in the clothes: more confisent or insecure?
For the shootings were invited professional models from Academy of arts im. Repin; they dressed in the way to emphasize their individuality, to show their personality and to please the audience.
The models were not only ashamed of their nudity, but they felt more confident without clothes, as if they had been proud of their body.

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Education"Graphic Design" Moscow Technological University
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