Adriatic sea, Italy, 2017

Limited Edition

Stefano Bianchi Carini



Stefano Bianchi-Carini

Born in Florence (Italy) on 1953, I live in Verona (Italy): classical studies, degree with honors in economics and commerce, legal auditor and chartered accountant, sculptor, poet and ... photographer.

As a child I saw my dad taking pictures during holidays and family trips. Sometimes I was used to take in my hands his Voigtländer, with fixed optics, but never I did allow myself to use it, at all; at the age of twelve, dad presented me a Kodak Instamatic, and since then the camera has always accompanied me; it is my notebook with which I block the memories of my existence. At high school I bought my first reflex, a Canon FT Ql, with the savings of weekly payouts and relatives gifts, then replaced with the legendary Nikon F2 and much later with the Leica faithful.
Just recently I switched myself to digital photography, more immediate and with much more detailed and engraved results, but still nostalgically, I load analogue equipment with films that then I develop personally.
I am a self-taught but I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend, for friendship, painters, sculptors and even a professional photographer, from whom I learned, looking at his work, sensitivity to light, black and white printing and, above all, sensibility to combine "heart, mind and aim" in the fleeting moment of the shot.
For my rational job - I am a certified public accountant - photography represents evasion, fantasy, my personal vision of the world, contrasting to the numbers, rationality and timeless deadlines of my work, with the freshness, delicacy, emotion and casualty of the event that provokes in me the photographic shot.
For this I photograph what strikes me, the way I perceive it; I do not have a genre or a theme in which I feel more inclined; my image notebook simply and immediately represents my life, time after time, and the trip of my soul into the world.
Therefore, my images are, as I’m used to say, simply “emotional moments”.
I propose them to the public for their possible sharing.

Personal exhibitions:

1993 - Galerie Arts Nouveaux, Verona, Italy;
1994 - Forum FNAC, Nice, France;
1994 - Hotel Carlton Intercontinental, Cannes, France;
1994 - Galleria Bedoli, Viadana, Mantova, Italy;
1994 - Studio D'Ars, Milan, Italy;
1994 - Syndicat d'Initiative, St. Florent, Corsica, France;
1994 - Galleria Spazioltre, Trastevere, Roma, Italy;
1995 - “in-Canti”, Caffè Rubirosa, Verona, Italy;
1996 - “Mari e monti”, Caglio, Como, Italy;
Collective exhibitions:

1994 - "Al di là del visibile”, Katariina Gallery, Helsinki, Finland;
1995 - “Beyond the visible”, La Scuola New York Guglielmo Marconi, New York, U.S.A.;
1995 - de Bellis Collection, San Francisco, U.S.A.;
1995 - Katariina Gallery, Helsinki, Finland;
1996 - Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Vien, Austria;
1997 - “sogni”, Spazio Napoleon, Arcole, Verona, Italy;
1998 - “La bellezza speranza dell’uomo”, Castello di Reinbek, Schleswig-Holstein, Homburg, Germany;
2017 - “#veronadovesei #veronadovevai” Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona, Italy.

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