Shadow of Paradise (Series)

Limited Edition

Sahar Al Sawaf



Shadow of Paradise (Series)

"Shadow of Paradise" is comprised of 97 photographs depicting my family who are alive, dead, or missing in Iraq. As an Iraqi immigrant displaced, and living in the United States, this project is dear to my heart as I come to terms with the country I grew up in being slowly eroded and redacted from history.

2008, Amman, Jordan (Original Date)
I bought a scarf at a store and ran out of local currency. I gave the guy a US $20 bill and he folded it to show me the 9/11 Twin Towers. This image has been re-photographed, and hand printed onto watercolor paper through an encaustic technique. Encaustic is composed of bees wax & resin.

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EducationMFA, CalArts
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