Becoming Warrior

Limited Edition

Philippe Geslin



Philippe Geslin

As Anthropologist and Photographer, I am an attentive observer and a worried actor, always anxious to give an accurate account of the everyday life of small communities. In Tanzania, between the Rift and the Kilimanjaro, for six years, I am working on the Hadza and Maasai local knowledge involved in water resource management. In Greenland, I am studying the impact of hunting quotas on the last Inuit hunters in the northwest District of Upernavik . In Amazonia, I focused on the Amarakaeri gold miners and the impact of mercury on their health and environment. Photography always accompanies me in these lives between two cultures. It is for me a true mode of literary expression.

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EducationEHESS, Paris, Columbia University, New York (USA) and Brighton University (UK).
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