The shape of the void

Limited Edition

Paula Teller



Paula Teller

Born in Argentina, she is photographer, editor and teacher. She studied Social Communication (UBA)
She worked for different newspapers and magazines as La Nación, Clarin, Playboy, El Gourmet, Revista Lugares, Brando, Ohlalá, El Pais, Living, La Maga.
In 2015 she was selected for the National Photography Show and the Slideluck show II. In 2016 she went to the artistic residence Wabi Sabi and as a resident to Nido Errante, Entre Rios 2016
Selected for portfolio review at FIFV (Festival internacional de fotografía de Valparaiso, Chile). In 2017 she went as a resident to Wayaka Current in Panamá. She worked as a curator in Slideluck IV (Buenos Aires) and as a jury in the ARGRA photobook Little format grant. Selected for the Winter Exhibition hosted by LensCulture 2017.
She teaches photography and photo edition. She currently teaches classes in the journalism master's degree at Di Tella University and other degree courses, as well as in Turma de Fotografía.
Teller´s work aimed to photograph what is not in sight. She normally works collecting images as evidences in order to try to decipher the mystery that they hide. Every research opens new questions. None of the photos have to do with the predictable or the real world. However, she trusts that they lead her into the deep to connect with that moment when time stopped, where there is no future or past. That imprecise place where the inner world overflows leaving its trace on the surface.
Her field of studies focuses on the concept of time. It could be how the time writes on the people´s bodies , materiality where pleasure lives and pain abounds. Or how the time let a trace any where.
Now she is working with the physical concept of time aiming to mix how arts tries to understand it emotionally with the way as science explains it with logical answers and mathematic equations.

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