Falling awake

Limited Edition

Olivia Milani



Falling awake

From series ‘Fluid Borders’

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Fluid Borders is a series about transformation. The journey of the self back to wholeness and connection.
Exploring how inner and outer landscapes weave together and transform each other endlessly.

The dissolution of boundaries and a moving through the different stages of the alchemical process of transformation - the chaos of the ‘prima materia’, experiencing the rich depths of blackness before emerging again into the light with a renewed relationship to ones Soul and a new level of consciousness.

Like following a river back to its source - this is a journey back to the well of what remains pure, a return to the elements, to the earth. A reconnecting to the primordial waters of life and a wider, deeper self - to the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World. When our edges blur, our planetary Self ignites.

“Using stillness to control movement, using darkness to peer into light.” – I Ching

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Artist Information
EducationPhotography (PgDip), Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts, London, England
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