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Olivia Milani



Olivia Milani

Photographer and visual artist Olivia Milani has been captivated by images and the power of visual language since she can remember.
She studied photography at Central Saint Martins in London, graduating with a Postgraduate degree in Photography. Through her curious, inquisitive and lyrical looking, she creates subtle, open narratives and usually develops long term projects. Her images are partly constructed and partly simply observed or gathered as they happen in the moment. Olivia has travelled extensively, her travels deeply influence her work.
With a multicultural background, she grew up in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland and sees herself as a global citizen. She lives and works in London, England. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has collaborated with many gifted artists.
Olivia sees photography as a tool for outer and inner exploration and discovery. She approaches her work with serious playfulness and she likes to let its meaning unfold.

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EducationPhotography (PgDip), Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts, London, England
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