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Marc Hermans

Whether an intimate detail such as a small piece of bark or overwhelming vista’s and panorama’s, the natural world to me is endlessly beguiling. In my work I like to express what the natural world means to me in an authentic way. Herein lies a paradox: To me a photograph is successful when the viewer gets transported to that particular place and one’s attention is not drawn to its photographic qualities. Yet I know that my work has to have a personal style and character in order for it to be compelling. My work, just like the work of many other landscape photographers, can also be viewed as documentation of what we may lose, unless we start to worship and protect nature as the most precious thing we have got.

I was born in 1968 and grew up in Maas and Waal, an area between the two rivers that give it its name, in The Netherlands. Later on, I travelled extensively in the UK and Ireland, where my passion for landscape photography awakened and deepened. I am definitely very influenced by the British landscape photographer’s scene, if such a thing actually exists. By the way, I am self-taught. Currently, I live in an Eastern part of The Netherlands again, mainly because there’s natural beauty in abundance right at my doorstep.

In relative terms, landscape photography is a young branch on the Tree Of Art, yet it already has a fascinating history. In many places landscape photography has made a direct and essential contribution to the preservation of the natural world. In addition, technology develops rapidly and we can make photographs today that were impossible to make only a few decades ago. In the digital darkroom we have control over every little detail which allows us to create beautiful fine art prints. I like to consider myself a landscape photography student, a subject one will never have mastered completely. And that is a wonderful feeling.

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