Smoke shadow

Limited Edition

José Manuel Santos



José Manuel Santos

José lives and breathes Porto, the city he was born in. He has travelled up and down Portugal both in car and motorbike since 1980, and is a deep connoisseur of his country Portugal. With His first camera a Canon EOS 650, started his photography passion back in 1987, when he first captured the beauty of Portuguese landscapes, and is now known for his originality of his urban photography. José has had the privilege of photographing Portugal with renowned national and international photographers. His work has been showcased in many exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, and has earned him the title of award winning photographer who is also seen his works published. He has participated and organized several tours and trips in Portugal and in other European countries.

José loves nothing more then to share his country and all that he has learned from the great masters of travel photography, Trey Ratcliff, Cradoc Bagshaw, Ralph Velasco and John Stanmeyer, to whom he introduced to the city of Porto.

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EducationThe Arcanum - Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery
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