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Jeffery Deemie

United States


Jeffery Deemie

Jeff’s landscape photography explores the human footprint on nature and the impact of nature on our modern lives. His recent contemporary landscape work features such projects as Hurricane Ike - An Imperfect Storm, The American Beach Scene, and The West Texas & Southeastern New Mexico Project.

In Jeff's American Beach Scene Portfolio, he seeks to evoke memories, emotions and symbolism of who we are as a country. Beaches deserted 8 months of the year transform into major centers of population and socializing that help define the American experience. To translate his vision onto the canvas, he utilizes long exposures to isolate the crowd and impart a surreal quality to the scene. And, to provide his viewers a sense of place, he strives for a "large canvas" viewpoint. This is an ongoing project for him and he expects it to continue to evolve.

The Hurricane Ike images explore nature’s impact on Texas beachfront communities and provides a witness to the storm. Jeff's West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico Project explores Big Oil’s imprint on the landscape and by extension on all of us. And, his most recent project documents America’s newest National Monument, Bears Ears, which is fighting for its place in our society.

His photography has been collected by the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Harwood Museum of Art (Taos) and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

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