Perseverance - from the series äidille

Limited Edition

Ilona Van Der Nat



ilona van der nat

In this fast changing world driven by technologic innovation, to my belief there is an evolving need for people to slow down. To get back in touch with our feelings. To reconnect to nature as a source of everlasting energy. To reflect on what kind of human you actually would like to be and in what kind of world we want to live in.

For a long time, also my head ruled my heart. I wandered through life with preconceived plans and expectations. Slowly but surely, I am learning how to let go of the shoulds. I started to give free rein to my feelings, whether they were sunny and light or whether storm clouds were gathering in my mind. These days, it is enough to slow down and simply be.

To me reality appears to be the source of a poetic imagery. In the choice for my pictures’ subjects I am striving for a narrative pathos, evoking feelings and emotions beyond their objective appearance. I wish my imagery to be a source for people to slow down and reflect.

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EducationFotoacademie Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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Animal,  Landscape

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