Gokhan Gokcay

Life has beauty each and every moment. I am sharing it in the simplest form as black and white" with deep shadows, reflections, light flares and dark streets. This is an unfinished long term project called " follow me to the shadows of the cave". The shadows are the truth and reality that is left in this modern digital world. Either I see it from an objective or from an iphone it is pure reality, it is pure fun. Join me and; lets go deep into the shadows :) "

I am from Istanbul, Turkey. The roads took me to my university education where i met my lovely wife. I moved back and forth between Paris and Istanbul due my Job, knowing all too well the streets of both cities. Now i am living in Paris. I am working in a global lighting company, Light and Shadow is my work and my passion. I am hoping to create a portrait of the dark shadows of the beautiful cities. ©All rights reserved

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