Covered Bride 1

Limited Edition

Ghila Krajzman

United States


Covered Bride 1

I am a Hassidic wedding photographer, an orthodox , very conservative side of the Jewish religion. Brides are covered by their future husband by an opaque veil for the lenght of the religious ceremony, under the hupa. As many times as I have photographed this moment, I am always struck by how helpless the young woman is , at the very moment she is changing her life so completely. Her mother, her future mother in law, and all of the women really are in charge of her. I have always wondered what exactly goes through her mind at that moment, in the dark. Around her there are many many people, hundreds sometimes, it's noisy and chaotic. For me, I have to rush and push my way in the middle of that crowd to photograph that fleeting moment when she is taken away to the ceremony.

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LocationUnited States
EducationCinema and Television in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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