Covered Bride 1

Limited Edition

Ghila Krajzman

United States


Ghila Krajzman

I am a professional wedding photographer. I work mainly in the Ultra-Orthodox communities of Williamsburg, Borough Park, and New Square. Since these communities are growing so rapidly, weddings are celebrated every religiously possible day of the year. They also have a high demand for female photographers because only female photographers are allowed on the women’s side of the celebration.
The clients want specific shots and moments in the wedding (which always goes along the same script): table pictures of all the women guests, the brief moment the couple are together when they enter the dance hall, the bride dancing with every woman in her family. I have several synced lights on stands around the room. This gives the bright, flat, uniform look to the pictures that the clients all want. I myself have to dress according to code in order to blend in.
This doesn’t mean the pictures are uninteresting. Everyone is wearing black except for the bride and her close family, so the pictures are inherently striking. They almost look like black and white pictures in color.
I am put in a position to represent an unrepresented group, to simultaneously conceal and reveal the existence and life of these women who cannot be seen not only in the outside world, but even within their community. Even though I am uncomfortable with such extreme inequality, I feel privileged to be accepted into this fascinating and unusual world.

I studied Cinema and Television in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photography has always been my main interest, I learned how to work in the darkroom at age 13. It took me a lifetime to realize my dream of becoming a full time professional photographer. My work is commercial, mainly weddings and various events, but I always try to take a few minutes to find artistic moments to photograph.

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LocationUnited States
EducationCinema and Television in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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