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Gareth E. Turner



Gareth E. Turner

Gareth has a great passion for travel and has travelled the world (Over 50 Countries) in an effort to photograph and explore wild or remote places.

Gareth has travelled extensively throughout the Nepal Himalaya (4 Trips), South East Asia (Singapore, Penang, Thailand, Java, Bali, Lombok, Philippines, Timor-Leste), Taiwan, Europe and New Zealand to name just a few. When he was 7 he spent 9 weeks travelling the world with his family - this is perhaps where the "travel addiction" actually started. He has also lived & worked in Perth & Christmas Island; Australia, Dili; Timor-Leste and Singapore during which he has aquired a great respect for cultures, customs and traditions of people in other countries, this he feels makes an individual a better person.

He learned to Scuba Dive in Australia at the age of 13 and completed his Professional Dive Masters certification by the age of 18. He has trekked in remote regions of Nepal for 37 days straight (in 2003 he spent over 100 days in Nepal) and has been on mountaineering expeditions in the Nepal Himalaya; In the Annapurna, Rowaling, Everest, Barun, Makalu regions with the most recent trip climbing on Annapurna IV (7525m). Gareth also has intermediate skills in Sea-Kayaking, Cliff Rescue, Caving and has also done Cave Diving in some remote places also.

Gareth started his interests in Photography in 1995 using a second hand Nikon FE2 SLR Camera and a Canon Compact Camera, and then whilst living on Christmas Island in 1998 he also did some underwater photography using a Sea & Sea Motormarine II Camera. In 1999 he bought a Nikon F60 SLR, which is what really lifted his interest in photography and travel... soon after this he bought his first new Professional SLR Camera the Nikon F100.

He never went into Digital photography until Nikon released the D200 in 2005, later to the Nikon D300 in 2008 and then the Nikon D3S in 2010. Since then his efforts and interest in the field has grown immensely and he now only uses the Professional Nikon DSLR Camera's and fast aperture Lenses from both Nikon and Zeiss. For a short while he also used the Leica M System using the Leica M9-P Camera but now prefers to maintain a one brand system (the lens mount).

Having the best equipment just assists you, it gives you tools for your creativity to open up further he believes, but its the eye of the photographer that actually creates the image!

Other than on the walls of private homes & businesses, His works have also been published in Asian Journeys Magazine (Singapore) with multi-page spreads on two seperate occasions, Marketing materials for Island Explorer Holidays (Australia), Marketing materials for Air Timor (Singapore / Timor-Leste), Brochure for Best of Travel Group (Germany) and in Catholic Times Newspaper (Singapore).

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