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Fabian Albertini



fabian albertini

Fabian Albertini’s started in 1992 as Fashion Photographer. Fabian’s oeuvre could be seen as an
ongoing research with photography and installations, experimenting new materials in order to
explore new visual renderings and expand the concept of time, space, light reflections and
textures of the different materials in such a way as to create images reminiscent. Fabian’s images
allows her to represent the world photographically without showing a specific place, focusing
instead on a mental experience giving photographic images new forms and new contexts, inviting
us to question and to wonder.
In Fabian’s recent project, Seguindo uma Linha, she continues to investigate a zone bordered by
aesthetics and reflection of displacements, beyond the simple observation of the artistic work that
puts the default point of view in stake. The elements of this research alternate harmony and
rupture as an altered state of mind that causes sensations and movements of aperture and
transition, in a continuous twist between looking in and looking at a set of inverted and contourless
images, resulting in a change of perspective.
Fabian’s photographs, multi-media projects, and installations have been exhibited in Europe and
South America including Rotterdam Photo 2018, TAL Gallery Cascais Portugal (2017), Photo festivals Encontro da Imagem Portugal (2017),
No Photo, Paratissima (2017), Fotografia Europea 2017 circuitoOFF. In the past years among the
most important: Biennale FOTORIO2015, Rio Arte Corpo Movimento, Rio de Janeiro, Ama+zônia,
FOTORIO2011 Biennale di Fotografia, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil, EYE, Théâtre Le Châtelet, Paris 2008, EYE, Teatro degli Arciboldi Milan, Italy 2007, EYE,
Towol Theater, SI Dance Festival, Seoul, South Korea, Corpos, Mônica Filgueiras Art Gallery - São
Paulo, Brazil 2006 Corpos, FOTORio Anita Schwartz Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2005
Performance Video, MAC - Museum of contemporary art - Niteroi, Brazil 2005 Poesia del corpo,
Residence Arts Biennial - London, UK 2004.
During the 2011 Fabian presented her project Ama+zônia, for the 54th Venice Biennale Arsenale,
Padiglione Italia “Lo stato dell'Arte nel 150th dell'Unita' d'Italia” In 2010, she won the Prize “Un
Bosco Per Kyoto 2010” with the book “Ama+zônia”, offered by the Patronage of the President of
Italy .
Italian, b. 1965, Montecchio Emilia, Italy, based in Milan and Rio de

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EducationIstituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milan, Italy.
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