Untitled from the series "Dust"

Limited Edition

Dimo Dimov



Untitled from the series "Dust"

We survived. Some of us. Not so many. Many more perished. No electricity, no running water, no cellphones or internet, nothing of what we were so used to. Only dead bodies around and a few alive but surely not for long. There was a sudden quake, people screaming and windows shattering, and then came the dust. Some say it was a nuclear war, others say it was a clash with a giant asteroid. A so called Impact event. We are not sure what actually happened, just feel how hard it is to breathe and near impossible to see. Things are visible only at a short distance, a couple of meters away. And now and then tremors can be sensed under our feet. It’s scary. It’s hopeless. I’m lost, I’m frightened to death, I can’t compose myself. The only way for me to cope with all these is to make pictures of the world around. At least this is something that can stay after us and can be found some day, by someone. Anyone. And I will keep taking pictures until my batteries get completely drained. They will not last long so I should be very careful what to photograph although it is not sure if anything can be discerned on the pictures through all the dust around. But I will take them anyway in a hope to preserve shreds of our lost existence. Because we will not be here long but the dust is here to stay.

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EducationNew Bulgarian University; Sofia University; National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts
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Street,  Black & White

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