Dina Mitrani's Curation

Founder/Director Mitrani Gallery - Miami

Dina Mitrani is the owner and director of the Dina Mitrani Gallery in Miami, Florida. After 20+ years of experience in the international art world based in New York, Madrid and Miami, Dina Mitrani opened her gallery in 2008 focusing exclusively on photography. The gallery exhibits work by emerging and mid-career international artists with a mission to create a platform where artists, students, collectors as well as curious visitors have the opportunity to engage in creative dialogues and cultural enrichment. She enjoys giving gallery talks, producing lectures given by her artists, and leads emerging-artist workshops. The gallery has collaborated with independent curators and other art institutions to produce important contemporary and historical photography exhibitions in Miami. The gallery has been featured in international print and online publications and has received accolades such as “Best Gallery Exhibition” by the Miami New Times in 2013.

This collection of photographs was curated by Dina Mitrani for the LensCulture Winter Exhibition 2017.

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Lensculture Winter Exhibition 2017

4 Photos In this Collection