Look and you will see No. 6 (a)

Limited Edition

Chris Kirby

United Kingdom


Look and you will see No. 6 (a)

Limited Edition (1/50 on 17x22" paper) - (1/10 on 24x36" paper) + 2 artist proofs of each size. Signed on verso (certificate of authenticity)

About this work:

"There is now a generation in Africa who have never experienced colonial rule first hand. And, in South Africa, there is a generation born after the first democratic elections in 1994; this new generation is called "born frees".

I wanted these portraits to imply something of the historical past - the restrictions, the injustice, the struggle - whilst at the same time convey a self-confidence and optimism for the future." Chris Kirby

In his printed work, Chris Kirby often embellishes his images with lines, marks and colouring to disrupt the conventional perspective associated with the medium and the subject matter – and in a nuanced way convey deeper meaning to the imagery.

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Artist Information
LocationUnited Kingdom
EducationKingston College of Art (UK).
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