Cooler by the Lake

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Brian Heston



Brian Heston

I was a photographer . I photographed with film. I photographed with 8 x 10 Deardorfs, 4x5 cameras all makes, Hasleblads, Mamiyas, and 35 mm Nikons. I photographed what clients paid me to photograph. I honed my eye.

In 1992 was my first introduction to digital photography I used a Leaf back tethered to a computer and used in a 4x5 bellows camera for a catalog. The advantages to the client seemed obvious. Film, Polaroid and lab costs were non- existent. Every shot could be seen on the computer right away. If we saw anything we wanted to change we could shoot again while the product was still on set. The digital camera back cost around $20,000 and belonged to the studio that hired me. Today most phones shoot a higher resolution than any technology available then.

I was an early adopter. In 1994 when I launched my first website when there were few professional photographers on the web. I manipulated images and experimenting with fiber optic “light hoses” to light still life images and chose to show some of my more experimental images on the new World Wide Web. Photon Magazine, a London based photo zine, noticed my images and on a couple of occasions featured some of them. Then came an invitation to participate in a Covent Garden Gallery show billed as the “first ever” show in which all the artists delivered their images to the gallery via the internet (FTP) and the images were printed and then hung in a London gallery.

In 1995 I was hired by a dot com company as a web designer. I rode out the dot com boom and bust and for over 20 years designed websites. Even combining my passions of photography and design with the 2004 launch of the stock photographers marketplace. I had the privilege of representing almost 1000 talented photographers around the world. MyLoupe was eventually acquired by Universal Image Group.

Today I am a photographer again, though I only photograph what inspires me. I work for myself. I don’t shoot film, I use a digital SLR sometimes, but more often use my phone. I’ve always been inspired by the work of impressionist painters Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne and others, as well as by some of the post-impressionists, surrealists, expressionists, abstract artists and more. My post production processing used today evokes a painterly effect thrilling to me. Sometimes letting go of a little detail, and subtly modifying the remaining detail creates an image where the viewer becomes creatively engaged with the image.

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